Mindshare has partnered with the natural capital marketplace Veridium to offset the carbon emissions of every Mindshare attendee heading to and from the Huddle!

Mindshare’s partnership with Veridium was born from a unique client solution created by Mindshare Sydney for IBM’s upcoming THINK Summit event in Australia. With their business built around IBM’s blockchain technology, Veridium have turned traditional carbon offsets into trade-able tokenized assets – creating an elegant solution for accounting and offsetting the world’s carbon emissions.

In support of this great cause, we will be offsetting all flights to and from the 2019 AMEA and Russia Huddle. Over 184 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be offset from 27 different Mindshare offices, reducing our environmental footprint by an amount equal to the carbon dioxide sequestered by 3,042 trees over a 10 year period. These offsets will directly fund REDD+ accredited conservation projects across the globe in the CongoPeruvian Amazon, and Indonesian Borneo.


For more information about Veridium and the conservation efforts enabled by this partnership, check out the links below:

Total Offset Breakdown

Offset location: Rimba Raya Project, Indonesia

  • Offset total: 102 tonnes of carbon dioxide

  • Equivalent: Equal to the carbon dioxide sequestered by 1,667 trees grown for 10 years

  • Offset sources: Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Taiwan, London, Japan, Korea, Netherlands

Offset location: Mai Ndombe Project, Congo

  • Offset total: 34 tonnes of carbon dioxide

  • Equivalent: Equal to 13,007,532 smart phone charges

  • Offset sources: India, Russia, Singapore, Dubai, Korea, South Africa, China, Thailand, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Bangladesh

Offset location: Madre de Dios Project, Peru

  • Offset total: 48 tonnes of carbon dioxide

  • Equivalent: Equal to 117,726 miles driven by the average car

  • Offset sources: China, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Dubai, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, Korea, New Zealand, Vietnam


To learn more or get involved, contact Zach Rippon.